Things you should do after a Motorcycle Accident in Colorado Springs 

To all motorcycle riders, accidents are really unexpected happening on the road. No matter how protected and complete your gear was, there are still uncertain situations when a rider will get involved in an accident. Today, Colorado Springs is now on its route for having the  most number of accident deaths having 32 people died so far in 2018 according to KKTV 11 News. When unexpected happenings like being involved in motorcycle accident Colorado Springs, what are the things you should do immediately? 
Motorcycle Accident

What are the things you must do first after a motorcycle accident Colorado Springs? 

  1. Check yourself and others for injury 

No matter how shocked you are after an accident, you have to bring back to your consciousness. Check yourself for possible injuries and call emergency hotlines immediately for help.  

  1. Take photos or videos 

Taking photos or videos will be your rough evidence. Take pictures and videos from different angles will help you to document what happened, a helpful tool to get insured, and a basis in court cases.Evidence like this can help determine a favorable decision to your case. 


  1. Try to move your back off the road 

If you have the strength to move your motorcycle out of the road, try as soon as possible. This can make you safer and away from the hazards of incoming traffic.  


  1. Contact the nearest Colorado Springs police department 

A police officer can arrive at the accident and make an accident report that can be used as a basis of evidence. Better to speak the important information only with witnesses or other drivers present in the accident to protect your legal rights. Here is the important information that you need: 

  • Names and contact information of witnesses 
  • Vehicle information such as model and plate numbers 
  • Name and badge number of the police officer 
  • Police’s accident report number 
  • Insurance company name and contact information of the involved vehicles 


  1. Call your Insurance Agent 

After a motorcycle accident, prepare to call your insurance company. Be careful of the things you need to say. Whether it is your fault or not, remember that you should not admit your fault to anyone even your insurance company. This can underestimate your damages and reduce your compensation. 


  1. Contact your motorcycle accident lawyer 

Motorcycle accident lawyer will be your best companion during this situation. No matter how your claim that you are innocent, opposing parties will always try to twist the story. This can make your insurance company deny your claims. During this situation, an attorney can help you to get the rightful compensation after an accident. 


If you are looking for experienced accident lawyer, we are here beside you. We are legal experts to different motorcycle accident cases that will give the best chance to claim damages and prove your innocence. You can call us today and check our motorcycle accident legal services. We only want the best for you, and motorcycle accidents shouldn’t be taken care of alone.  





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