Improving Your Health with Clean Carpets

People cannot see dust with only their naked eyes. However, the truth is that layers of dust and dirt might get trapped underneath the fibers of your carpet. Carpets are extremely costly. That is why you cannot simply replace them over and over again. One way to get rid of this dirt and dust buildup is to clean them regularly.

However, regular vacuuming isn’t enough to get rid of the dirt and dust inside. You need to have deep and thorough cleaning at least once a month to completely remove the buildup.

For those who don’t know, dirty carpets can cause serious health problems. This includes asthma, allergies, respiratory issues, and much more. Because of this, it is crucial to hire a professional carpet cleaning Chattanooga to stay away from such severe issues.

Here are several health issues associated with dirty carpets:

Overgrowth of Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are hazardous bacteria that thrive in dirty carpets. If you or your family members are exposed to this, it can cause a weaker immune system, stomach infections, and much more. In severe occasions, it might even cause death. Furthermore, Mycotoxins can also cause a lot of different types of allergies as well as respiratory issues.

Athlete’s Foot

For those who don’t know, Athlete’s foot is a skin illness that is primarily caused by fungus. Some of the symptoms include scaling, itching, and much more. If you are walking on a dirty carpet barefoot, you are enabling bacteria to directly come in contact with your foot through small wounds and cuts on your skin.

High Level of Stress

It’s been proven that dirty carpets are also responsible for a high level of stress, that’s according to several studies. For those who don’t know, stress can affect your immune system if you left it untreated for a long period. It can cause depression problems, heart illnesses, insomnia problems, migraine pain, and much more. You’ll feel more comfortable if you keep your carpets clean. This will lead you to a healthy lifestyle.

Respiratory Problems

Pet hairs, dust particles, and mold might get trapped inside your carpet’s fibers. However, does that really make a person sick? Well, of course! The collection of pollutants in a particular area might lead to serious respiratory problems such as breathing and coughing problems. Since they’re more vulnerable to severe airborne toxins, individuals who are suffering from issues of asthma might feel severe symptoms.

Clean Carpet Leads to a Healthy Life

Without a doubt, a dirty carpet can lead to serious health problems. Thus, it is vital to hire experts to clean your carpet since they’re experienced and knowledgeable. However, how many times a month should you have your carpet professionally cleaned? Well, the answer depends on the amount of traffic that your carpet gets.

The reason why you have to hire a professional is that they have the right equipment and tools that can clean your carpet easily and thoroughly. You shouldn’t only rely on vacuuming alone. To keep your household healthy, hire a professional carpet cleaner.

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